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Friday, June 1, 2007

Governor of New Hampshire Signs Civil Unions Bill

"Dating back to the Abolitionist movement, we in New Hampshire have a long, proud history of taking the lead in opposing discrimination. Today, that tradition continues. Today, we are taking an important step against discrimination. Today, we are acting to protect New Hampshire families. I've listened and heard all the arguments. I do not believe this bill threatens marriage. I believe this is a matter of conscience and fairness. And my view is that, it's never too soon to act to prevent discrimination. People in committed relationships should not have to worry about visiting a loved one in a hospital, or whether their loved ones will inherit their estate, or the many other legal protections so many of us take for granted. How could any one of us look into the eyes of our neighbors, our friends, or our loved ones if we continued to deny them these basic legal protections? That is why I am pleased to be here today as we further the interest of fairness, dignity and the strengthening of families." Governor John Lynch Signs Law Establishing Civil Unions in New Hampshire, May 31, 2007

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