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Monday, July 25, 2011

NYC Officials Inaugurate SSM

"Today was a historic day in our City, and we couldn’t be prouder that on the first day that everyone in New York City could have their love affirmed in the eyes of the law, we were able to serve everyone. I want to thank all of the city workers and volunteers who made this success possible." Mayor Michael Bloomberg, July 24, 2011.

"It was an overwhelming experience to see the outpouring of love and community on New York City's first day of marriage equality. All the great stories that came pouring out today in every borough show what all of us who have fought a lifetime for this knew and know, that moving human rights forward makes us a better society. Today is a great day for my family and countless others." Council Speaker Christine Quinn, July 24, 2011.

“It was an honor and a privilege to preside over the first same-sex weddings in New York City, and I look forward to continuing to serve all New Yorkers who wish to get married [in an] equal and respectful manner. City Clerk Michael McSweeney, July 24, 2011.

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