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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Jersey Governor Admonishes Senate

"While I appreciate the Senate's willingness to publicly debate the marriage equality bill, I am deeply disappointed by the final tally on this common-sense measure that would have assured equal rights for all New Jerseyans. Most assuredly, this is an issue of civil rights and civil liberties, the foundation of our state and federal constitutions. Denying any group of people a fundamental human right because of who they are, or whom they love, is wrong, plain and simple. As was the case when Americans faced legal discrimination on the basis of their race or gender, history will frown on the denial of the basic right of marriage equality. I regret that the state's recognition of equal justice and equal treatment under the law will be delayed. Certainly this process and the resulting debate is historic, but unfortunately, today's vote was squarely on the wrong side of history." New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, January 7, 2010, after failure of the New Jersey Senate to approve marriage equality legislation.

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